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Field Trip to the Biggest Weatherford Base in Asia Pacific

BANDUNG, speitbsc.org – On Thursday (01/03/18), SPE ITB SC conducted a field trip to Weatherford Base in Narogong, Bekasi. This was the biggest base of Weatherford in Asia Pacific with 40,000 squared km and more than 140 employees. There were 22 participants in total from various major such as Petroleum Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Geological Engineering, etc. Arrived on 07.45 am in the location, all participants were given safety induction session from Mr. Agung as Muster Head.  The point from this session is we have to protect 4 safety component which is face, eye, hand, and body.

Continued with presentation from Mr. Riki as Office Manager about “Oil and Gas Introduction”. In oil and gas, the main processes are exploration-drilling-construction-completion-production and ended with abandonment.  The word ‘Weatherford’ came from a region in Texas, USA. This company was built in 1941. In 1998, Weatherford merged with EVI. Until now, Weatherford focus in providing service to oil company from A to Z about what they need. Weatherford has main services provided which are drilling evaluation, well construction, completion stimulation, and production system.  The main base of Weatherford is in Switzerland and its regional base is in Bangkok. There are 35000 employees in more than 100 countries all over the world.

The next session was given by Mr. Ernest Wahyudi about Well Intervention. Mr. Ernesting about production tubing, BOP, and a lot of production s such as sand and scale. He also talked about drilling issues including burst, collapse, and fish. The other speaker was Mr. Andri. He was presenting about Pressure Drilling Management. It was defined as adaptive process in order to control pressure when running the casing or how to imply back-pressure concept.

The visit was ended by visiting around the workshop base while given explanation about fishing, milling, etc. The guide was Mr. Mickel as fishing engineer of Weatherford. After that, on 17.30, all participants went back to Bandung.

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