Smart Competition Traineeship is one of the sequence of Competition 101 Series conducted by Competition Enhancement Divison. Competition 101 Series consists of Competition Class Visit and Smart Competition Traineeship for Batch 2016 and Batch 2017. Competition Class Visit will give you a brief introduction of various competition in SPE and what you have to prepare to participate in the competitions. Meanwhile, Smart Competition Traineeship is a form of intense preparation for the upcoming smart competition. Not only this program will give the participants some material in smart competition, but also have discussions about the tips and tricks to solve the problem. Smart Competition Traineeship could be measurable output to answer how many students that interested in smart competition.

At first, smart Competition Traineeship was formed because of the lack of interest in joining smart competition. Competition Enhancement Divison thought that if the smart competition was introduced in a more structured manner, people will be interested. There was also a simulation; the participants really did a praxis by ringing a bell and answering the question. The participant that got the highest score acquired a “golden ticket” to a competition without having to go through internal selection.

Why does the title tell us that Smart Competition Traineeship is excellent? That’s because the achievement of this program is 100%! In every competition, the participants that were trained by Competition Enhancement Division win. They get a runner-up and third winner of Derrick Competition.  Although the participants of the competition were dominated by Batch 2015 and the delegation of SPE ITB SC was from Batch 2016, proven that they could make it through by winning the competition. We hope this achievement can inspire any other students from Batch 2016 and also Batch 2017 to win the competition!(KM)

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