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Open Recruitment of IPWeek2017’s Directors

To all future IPWeek2017 directors: The time has come for you to join a bright and collaborative team of the leading petroleum event in Indonesia! This opportunity is open for ALL MAJORS of ITB batch 2014! We are looking forward to you being part of the team! Take the chance […]

The Search for Oil and Gas

Lisa Stewart Executive Editor  The earliest users of petroleum did not have to search for it. Most likely they stepped in gooey tar and it stuck to their feet. These first encounters with petroleum were at seeps, where oil and gas, which are less dense than water, rise from subsurface […]

Carbon Capture and Storage

Combating global warming by carbon capture and storage to curb carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels  Earth, the place we live and thrive, is merely a system in which each element inside of it collaborating hand in hand to establish an environment which can sustain the life of nature. One […]

Why Petroleum Engineering? Better Job Opportunities!

Looking to cash in on some of the opportunities the shale gas industry now affords, students are taking up a major in petroleum engineering. A petroleum engineer “understands the drilling aspects, he understands the reservoir management. Whereas the oil and gas industry used to rely on a patchwork of skills […]

Directional Drilling

Directional drilling can be defined as the practice of controlling the direction and deviation of a wellbore to a predetermined underground target or location. Directional drilling has been an integral part of the oil and gas industry since the 1920s. While the technology has improved over the years, the concept […]