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Living the Goals: A Personal Narrative by Cinndy Claudia for Schlumberger Vacation Trainee NES Training Program

For better viewing, read the article at bit.ly/VTPersonalNarrativeCC Welcome to my story! As quoted above, I’m dedicating this space to anything and everything about being grateful. Having a chance to take a part in Schlumberger Vacation Trainee NES Training Program gave me the inclination towards learning and development. I am delving […]

Software Workshop Schlumberger

“Petrel Fundamental Software Workshop” Jakarta Learning Center, 45th Floor, Wisma Mulia 2, Jakarta 21st of September 2016 Software workshop to company is one of the new innovation on education enhancement division SPE ITB SC work program in collaboration with field trip division. Therefore, SPE ITB SC collaborated with Schlumberger to […]


On October 15th 2015, SPE ITB SC has conducted a workshop visit to Schlumberger in order to facilitate the students, especially SPE’s members, to learn and enhance their skills and knowledge. This workshop visit was held in Schlumberger Cikarang Integrated Base (CIB), the biggest integrated base of Schlumberger in Indonesia. […]

The Search for Oil and Gas

Lisa Stewart Executive Editor  The earliest users of petroleum did not have to search for it. Most likely they stepped in gooey tar and it stuck to their feet. These first encounters with petroleum were at seeps, where oil and gas, which are less dense than water, rise from subsurface […]

Schlumberger’s Oilfield Glossary and Schlumberger Oilfield Review magazines

Bandung Institute of Technology SPE Student Chapter (SPE ITB SC) is the first SC in Indonesia. SPE ITB SC can give the member access to professional society. Each student chapter is affiliated with an SPE section, allowing students to interact with practicing professionals and benefit from technology discussions at section […]