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Business and Entrepreneurship Workshop: Now or Never

BANDUNG, speitbsc.org – On Saturday (26/8/2017), SPE ITB SC held a Business and Entrepreneurship Workshop themed “How to Start A Business”. It all talked about Startup 101. There were 3 distinguished speakers, Muhammad Fikri Akbar as Project Coordinator in 1000 Startup Digital Bandung, I Ketut Adi Putra as Vice President of Finance and People Operation in berrybenka.com, and last but not least speaker is Muhammad Supriyanto as Consulting Project Development in Mirtazani Fashion Muslim. This workshop was held in Total Handil Room, starting from 12.30 to 14.30 and attended by approximately 20 participants.

The first speaker was Muhammad Fikri Akbar, he told us about how business is about solving a problem. In developing business and building a startup, the main core is seeking what people need. At first, we may feel alone and think that the idea in our mind won’t work. The key is, share your idea so you may get a partner who is interested in what you just share to them. The next thing to do is executing your ideas. If an idea has never been executed, you won’t know whether it works or not.

There are a lot of tools that can be used in bulding a business, such as Business Model Canvas, Lean Canvas or Javelin Board, combine with Unbounce, WIX, Line Official Account, Facebook or Instagram.

The third speaker, Supriyanto talked about : “Market Survey Method, Source of Initial Capital and Networking Strategy”. In starting good business, we have to have good management team. He also told us that we have to keep the marketing, operational and financial in balance so our business will stay on the top. In keeping eye on financial sectors, there are four KPI which are sales, gross profit, operating profit, and also capital. We also can classified our competitiors into two: direct and inderect. Direct competitor are other business platform who work just as same as we do. Meanwhile, the indirect competitors have the same field with us, for example clothing. Also, there are several networking strategies: join business competitions and find market from the companies who held the competitions.

Last but not least, it’s all the matter of time. If you think that this is the right time, have courage to start because business is about now or never. After having some question-answers session, yesterday workshop was closed with memento giving session.

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