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BP Discovery Day: Know More about The Company

British Petroleum collaborating with SPE Bandung Institute Technology Student Chapter successfully conducted BP Discovery Day. The event, was held on Thursday, 30 March 2017 took place at Auditorium of East Campus Center. There were four speakers: Aziz Agasi (HR Advisor Wells, Finance, and PSCM), Kristyawan (Senior Drilling Engineer), Dianawaty (Challenge Completion Engineer), Ulani Saripulono (Resourcing Lead Indonesia).

Head of Petroleum Engineering Department, Dr. Ing. Bonar Tua Halomoan Marbun, opened the event by giving welcoming speech. After that Mrs. Ulani told the participant the purpose of BP Discovery Day. She stated that they wanted to introduce what BP is and drilling world. Drilling is seen as male-dominated field. But, at BP, there is equal chance for both men and women to enter this section.

The agenda was continued by BP company profile introduction which was delivered by Mr. Kristyawan. Mr. Kris has been in the industry for 25 years, includes 5 years in Oman and 3 years in Azerbaijan. “BP has 80,000 employees in 80 different countries” he stated. Choosing and keeping people to work in the company is not easy. However, BP managed to ‘keep the world’s energy moving’.

From exploring, producing to transporting oil and natural gas resources; BP has five values to make the company growing. Those values are safety, respect, excellence, courage, and one team.

So, what is BP going to do until 2030? BP planned to build 4 more platforms in Tangguh Field. Therefore, there will be a total of 6 platforms. This development will require more than 10,000 people to get the work done.

In order to develop the quality of its employees, BP initiate Challenger program. This program is an early development program which consists of 15 modules and can usually be completed in 3 years. After that, someone may join excellence program to become senior drilling engineer.

Dianawaty, petroleum engineering graduate batch 2010, shared about her working experience. She managed to complete the Challenger Program for two and a half years. Other than working, she also did field exposure, field trip, and training.

In this occasion, Mr. Aziz said “there is no boundary for you to enter BP”. He himself was a chemical engineering student, but has spent 15 years in petroleum engineering area and has drilled about 25 wells. He also encouraged the participant to ask as many question as possible because he believes that there is no silly question.

Moreover, he also explained tips and tricks to get through interview process. First thing is “don’t be nervous”. Why is that so important? Because it means that an interviewee is lack of preparation or unsure of his potential or capacity. It is also necessary to establish rapport (appearance, grooming, handshake, personal connection, body language, eye contact. Articulation, Personality). The last but not the least, the interviewee should give information as clear as possible by giving examples as supportive information.

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