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Bandung Institute of Technology SPE Student Chapter (SPE SC ITB)

Bandung Institute of Technology SPE Student Chapter (SPE SC ITB) is the first SC in Indonesia. SPE SC ITB can give the member access to professional society. Each student chapter is affiliated with an SPE section, allowing students to interact with practicing professionals and benefit from technology discussions at section meetings.

SPE ITB SC have known as good Student chapter with great achievement, program activity and events.

We have achieved Gold Standard Chapter in 2012 and 2013. Of course it needs a lot of times, resources, energy and high motivation to pass our dream and do the best in our society. We keep learning and work really hard because we believe that if there is no struggle and pain, then no victory we would make.

Globalizing SPE ITB SC Empowered with Professionalism and Colorful Internal Solidarity”




GLOBAL = Broad our activities to close SPE ITB and the other SC, organizations and people around the world. We keep improving the relation and learn how to make society better by doing benchmarking, SC program combination, and publication. Not only widen to other society, but also we are serving people with charity activity, teaching English, blood donor, care the orphanage, keeping the environment. It is very important to open member’s mind and also grow member’s value of life and awareness to people.

PROFESSIONAL = Preparing our member to get ready in Petroleum industry. We serve them with a lot of educational and professional activity as the core of SPE ITB. We believe every member needs more and more knowledge, information and applicable activity to enhance their hard skill and soft skill. We conduct weekly guest lecture, software training, seminar, internal competition, leadership training, workshop, FGD and internship sharing etc. We also support them with SPE times (bulletin), website to widen their insights of Petroleum world.

 INTERNAL = All of our activity will give no meaning if the bond among the members is not strong enough. To achieve that, we also make our extracurricular activity such as internal gathering, sharing session, fun trip, etc. We are sure that every member have right to feel the enjoyable environment joining our society. We also ensure every membership of SPE going well.

PETROLEUM = Taking Part in other Petroleum activity is also the way we achieve the high level of experience, appreciation and challenge of many members. We send delegates regularly to attend competition, seminar, and conference in other SC events. We are proud to inform that we got overall champion in several competitions in this year (APOGCE, OGFEST, etc.)


Integrated Petroleum Week (IPWeek) 2014 by SPE ITB Student Chapter is the continuation of the annual event of IPWeek 2013 which was conducted successfully by SPE ITB SC in 2013. IPWeek 2014 is not only international competition but also as a platform to discuss and share knowledge, experiences, and the latest technical applications pertaining to the current issues within the oil and gas industry in international scale especially in Asia Pacific region. World wide’s oil and gas professionals, with a wealth of oilfield experience, are expected to attend this renowned event in order to gain an insight on global energy issues, technology in energy development, alternative methods for unconventional energy, and exploring the opportunities available in Industry.

 IPWeek 2014 is endorsed by SPE Java, SPE ITB SC, and Bandung Institute Technology. We expect IPWeek 2014 attracted over 1000 participants, visitors, and exhibitors including senior managers, engineering professionals and technical personnel from all facets of the petroleum industry including exploration & production, engineering, design & construction, manufacturing and service. These attendees come from throughout Indonesia and overseas especially in Asia Pacific region.

“We keep maximum struggle, focus, push our self, learn and explore the idea, and think out of the box in order to reach our dream and make us growing with high quality in our beloved society”

Support and Join with us. Together we bring our society better for Indonesia.

Contact us at :

Petroleum Engineering Building
Bandung Institute of Technology
Ganecha street 10 Bandung, West Java Indonesia

FB : SPE ITB Student Chapter

Twitter : @speitbsc

Email : itb.spesc@yahoo.com

professional website : http://speitbsc.org


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