Jl. Ganeca 10, Bandung, West Java - Indonesia

“90s” Themed SPE SC Indonesia Gathering

BANDUNG, speitbsc.org – SPE Student Chapters around Indonesia gathered on Saturday (18/11/17) until Sunday (19/11/17) in Villa Gung Gucci, Lembang, Bandung. There were 9 SPE SC around Indonesia attended this gathering, SPE ITB SC, SPE UI SC, SPE ITS SC, SPE UGM SC, SPE ITSB SC, SPE UNPAD SC, SPE UIR SC, SP AKAMIGAS Balongan SC, and SPE TRISAKTI SC. The gathering was conducted for all SPE SC in Indonesia so we can know each other and even better, can collaborate with each other, especially to improve the connection between SPE ITB SC with another SPE SC.

The gathering was opened by a benchmarking, where all the SPE SC presented important information about their SC, including the program between all division so that all SPE SC be familiarwith it and can look forward for collaboration.  The event was continued with barbeque time, grilling some satay and marshmallow and they did not forget to have a karaoke time where all the participants having fun together and made the awkwardness went away. Also, playing board games and made the night even full of laughter. The next day, there were games that had been prepared and all participants feel enthusiastic.

The person in charge of the gathering, Izeldien (PE’16) said, “I hope that all the SPE SC had a great time together, so we can meet new acquaintance, also collaborate with each other. I also hope the next gathering will be better than this gathering, and more SPE SC will come to the gathering, so that we can expand our connection widely.”

Besides all the difficulties of the event, the gathering was a big success as all SPE SC felt excited and gave positive comments about the gathering. It was the biggest SPE SC in Indonesia gathering which was attended by 9 SPE SC in Indonesia. They said that the event was beyond their imagination, and the games brought them even closer to each other.

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