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More Than 300 Students Registered for SPE Membership

BANDUNG, speitbsc.org – Open House Unit (OHU) is an annual event conducted by Bandung Institute of Technology. OHU gives chance for all of students to register themselves to be a member of an Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa (UKM), especially for new students. This year, OHU was held at ITB Campus on Saturday (27/08/17). SPE ITB SC also participated in this event by opening a booth at west part of Labtek V parking area.

SPE ITB SC has already prepared the booth from early morning. This is one of the main work programs from Human Resources Division of which the goal is to recruit some new members. All board and officers also joined to promote SPE ITB SC. At 10AM, the booth has already been crowded by new students who want to register as a member, mostly are from Faculty of Petroleum and Mining Engineering (FTTM). Few officers also went around the ITB to give explanation for students who have not come yet to SPE ITB SC booth. At first, the target for this big recruitment was only 150 members but surprisingly more than 300 students registered themselves to be a SPE ITB SC member. Beside students from FTTM, students from Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Faculty of Industrial Technology, Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Earth Sciences and Technology, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, and even Faculty of Art and Design were also showed their enthusiasm to hear explanation about the SPE ITB SC’s programs and benefits of being a member. They asked a few questions about SPE ITB SC and decided to register themselves immediately. Some students were still coming even though it was time for OHU to be closed.

SPE ITB SC achieved a great success in recruiting a bunch of new members at OHU. It is showed by the results that exceeds the target. Lastly, we would like to say “Welcome to SPE ITB SC!” for all new members.

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