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Although many of the smaller oil companies have a recruitment process that can be classified as formal, others have begun to focus on the global aspect of the oil industry and adapt their recruitment techniques according to their worldwide practices.

The oil and gas companies have adapted their selection techniques according to their needs and objectives, but the final goal is the same: to form a highly professional team of oil and gas employees. Before students decide which company is the best for them to build a solid career in the Oil and Gas industry, they should know that a little research can work wonders on their selection process.

 On 29th November 2013 SPE ITB SC hosted one special guest lectures with two topics – one focused on discover career in petroleum industry and another on how to ace the interview. Today’s topic is really interesting and it have many participants (70 persons).


Our alumni, Ino Doniyana returned to ITB as a guest lecturer to share his 12+ years offshore/onshore oil and gas experience working as staff with major operator and major service company. He presently works as SDE (Senior Drilling Engineer) for BP Tangguh offshore exploration project based in Jakarta office. Past 2.5 years experience worked on conceptual design and planning for BP Deep-water Exploration Libya based in Sunbury (UK) office. He explained about “BP Challenge Program”, it is basically BP’s global early career professional development program for all technical and professional disciplines. If you pass the selection, you will be immediately hired as a permanent staff and will be engaged in a structured curriculum up until the end of the multi-year program.

The second speaker, Mr. Aziz Agasi was introduced. Mr. Aziz is alumni of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November and currently holds a position as HR Advisor at BP Indonesia. The lecture offered a reflexive approach to conducting and interpreting interviews. He shared his considerable expertise in relation to getting the most out of qualitative research methods. He also demonstrated one of the most basic ways to improve the interview, the handshake. The handshake is a physical representation of who you are,” Mr. Aziz says. “If it’s too weak, or if there’s no tension in it, you’re really not doing yourself a service.” He suggests keeping our handshake firm and professional, but not so firm that it seems like you’re trying to overpower or intimidate your interviewer and more important than the handshake is the posture. Mr. Aziz said that we should never touch the back of our chair, which forces us to sit slightly forward. “You want to exude confidence,” he says. “That slight difference in posture makes a huge visual difference to the interviewer. It expresses interest.

The lecture was concluded by vote of thanks by Benardi Wibowo as the moderator. The lecture has proven to be very inspiring and informative for the students. Eventually, a nice memento and photo session wrapped the day. It was a very resourceful session and the participants gave a very good feedback. Nearly 60 students got benefitted through this guest lecture and we would recommend that you attend as many of these presentations as you can. This event was also conducted successfully and should be continued in the future as a regular event.


by : Alpin Arief

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