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Energy is what everyone needs. Total E&P as one of the oil and gas companies, is now visioning being an energy company to fullfil it. The development of energy-related-technology is rising day by day, and Total E&P is a one successful company that has brought up some fresh inventions to the industry. In order to get more knowledge about this technology development, SPE SC ITB conducted a Company Visit on November 29th, 2012 at Total E&P Indonesie’s office in Jakarta.

At 9.30 am, the students arrived at the office and welcomed by Mr. Deden Supriyatman as the Advisor for Education & Research. He also gave us a short introduction to Total E&P. Then, Mr. Djoko Waskito, gave a safety briefing. It was about how to manage HSE in Total E&P Indonesie and about the MAESTRO, the name of the HSE Management System of Total. After that, Mr. Patrick Grivot, as the Technical Coordination Division Manager, explained about the business development of Total. It was about the field development, Mahakam, and the recent Total’s giant project, the East-Natuna project, and the West-Papua project that Total really is looking forward to. Next, Mr. Agus Djamhoer explained about Compliances & Risk Prevention in Total E&P Indonesie, about how important honesty is. In Total there is a “Six Pillars” to maintain the integrity of the company. He also explained about the challenges in Indonesia and the impact to the business. And then, Mr. Mohammad Ibrahim from the Project Construction Division explained about how Total builds a project. Total is famous for its minimalist concept, which is for being efficient and effective, simple and not expensive but of reasonable quality.

At 12.30, the students had a break for praying and eating lunch for an hour. After that, Mr. Depi Restiadi explained about Geosciences and Reservoir (GSR) in Total. He told the students about the role of Geoscientists in the company. Next, Mr. Fahmi Hatta explained about the Human Resources in Total E&P Indonesie. It was quite interesting for the students who want to build their career in Total. And then, Mr. Suharmoko as the Director of TATS (Total Access to Solar Energy) Indonesia explained about the solar technology that has been developed by Total. The development is not as fast as the oil and gas, but it is getting bigger. And the last speaker was Mr. AvepDisasmita as the district manager of West-Papua. He told the students about his experiences in the company, encouraging the students to do the best, and also about the Total’s recent project in West-Papua District in details.

At the end, We gave a memento as an acknowledgement to Total E&P Indonesie as the host of our company visit. We had a group photo and closing. Again, We would like to express our highest gratitude to Total E&P Indonesie for being our host for the company visit and for having kindly welcomed us. Participants submitted that it was a priceless learning experience to undergo, believing it significantly contributed to the enrichment of their knowledge on oil and gas industry.

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