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TOTAL Day on Field Development

TOTAL Day on Field Development was a kind of one day workshop event which was conducted by Education and Workshop division SPE ITB SC. The event was conducted by collaboration between SPE ITB SC and TOTAL E&P Indonesie which held on September 12th 2015 at Audio Visual Room, Central Library Building, ITB. The participants were taken from Petroleum Engineering Department, Geology Engineering Department, and Geophysics Engineering Department.

The objectives of this event were to have global overview of the field development phases, from discovery to the production; to comprehend the use of analogy from existing development projects and to gain hands-on experience in designing field development plan via exercises; and to obtain inter-diciplinary knowledge regarding field development studies. The event was delivered by four facilitators from TOTAL E&P Indonesie Geosciences & Reservoir Team. The facilitators for that event were Henricus Herwin (Head of Department, Peciko & Bekapai Asset), Supriady (Head of Geology & Geophysics, Peciko & Bekapai Asset), Firdaus Tampilang (Head of Geology & Geophysics, Tambora Asset), and Irfan Taufik Rau (Reservoir Engineer, Peciko Asset and Alumnus Petroleum Engineering ITB 2009).

In this event, 30 participants were divided into 6 groups of 5 person. They were all from 2012 batch. Each group contained by 2 students from Petroleum Engineering, 2 students from Gelogical Engineering, and 1 student from Geophysics Engineering. Each group was simulated as one team on their oil company to work together developing a field. There were 3 session on this event.

The first one was about Introduction and Explanation with slides presentation from facilitators. Sir Henricus Herwin told about how they work as a team to develop a field which needs excellent coordination and teamwork. He explained about field development introduction and also gave an introduction to Mahakam Delta as an good example. Then Sir Firdaus Tampilang and Sir Supriady led on field development analog (Romeo field in Mahakam Delta). They explained about how Geological Engineer and Geophysics Engineer work together to analyze the sedimentary structure and do the seismic methods to estimate where is the exactly location that provides a good oil and gas reserves. Then the G&G will coordinate with Reservoir Engineer to maintain the production and field development.

Second, this session was about designing field development plan with a lot of exercises and solving case study which is going to be presented by each group in the end of this session. Bang Irfan Taufik Rau which is known as Bang Ipang (PE 2009) started to give exercises to calculate Hydrocarbon In-Place estimation and Reserves estimation. He also provided the example of field data. Each exercises took around 30 – 45 minutes for participants to solve it and give the final answer. Those exercises were ended by lunch break and prayer.

After that, there were two more exercises and case study presentation by each group. Those exercises were about appraisal strategy and development plan with economics. Each group planned how they will develop the safety production of a field with low cost and still achieve high production efficiency of oil. They also need to manage the time for developing the field until it produced with economics consideration. The facilitators helped them to figure it out and also gave guidance what they need to do but still let the participants thought by their own creativity to develop their own example field. These exercises finally were ended by presentation, debriefing, and summary. The event on Audio Visual Room was closed by photo session facilitators with participants and committees.

Finally, the last session was the closing fine dinner on Congo Resto & Café. Participants, committees, and facilitators gathered and enjoyed the dinner at Congo Resto & Café as the closing of the one day workshop event. Besides enjoyed the dinner, there was closing speech from Saviq Rasyid as President SPE ITB SC and memento provision to TOTAL as a symbol of collaboration between SPE ITB SC and TOTAL E&P Indonesie for this event. We end this event with certificate provision for facilitators and photo session with all participants, facilitators, and committees.

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