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Like our periodically events before, we from SPE ITB SC, IATMI SM ITB,and HMTM “PATRA” ITB collaborate to conduct second guest lecture this semester on Friday, January 29th 2016. This event is held at TOTAL Handil and Tunu Room 1st Floor of PE ITB building. There were 31 participants come to attend this guest lecture. We invite Silvya Dewi Rahmawati-Petroleum Engineering Lecturer to tell us more about how to write a good paper as the speaker.


“A Good Paper Starts with a Good Plan”, she said. She advises us to plan great before we start writing our paper. Some planning that she advises are relate the paper to the scope of the meeting or journal, explain some sort of methodology, present useful (technically sound information), and support your conclusions with solid evidence. She also tells us to do what we should do and what we shouldn’t do. Some of what we better do are organize our thought briefly and doing proofread again and again. She said that we better to check spellings and grammar too because that’s a scientific paper. She also said that we should remember our audience, not writing the paper to ourself, but think that we should write this paper to communicate this paper to other people, our audience. There are three basic audience needs: Problem, Solution, Value. Why did you conduct the project? This question must be answered to show your problem to audience. What did you contribute to industry knowledge? This is the solution that we must present to our audience. And the last what values you bring by this paper to the audience.

After planning, now we start our paper. First, begin with the conclusions. We also better to use simple language and common terminology. Also avoid promoting company in writing our paper.

There are some questions at the end of presentation, one of good question was asked by Dodi. He ask “Who is the audience for our paper?”. Mba Silvy said that the audiences are the people who involved in our paper. As example, if we write paper about simulation, then our audiences are people that working in simulation. Another good question also asked by Ghasi, he asked “What should we do to get some data for our paper? Because almost all data in petroleum industry are confidential”. Mba Silvy just smile and laugh a little. She said that the only way is making good connection to people in industry. There’s no other way, because the data owned by the company.


After some questions asked and answered, at 14.30 we end our guest lecture. Then, 3 representatives from PATRA, SPE, and IATMI give Mbak Silvy certificate as the speaker of this Guest Lecture. At last, the participants and speaker took photo together.


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