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Surface Facilities on Ruby Field

BANDUNG, speitbsc.org – On Friday (10/11/17), SPE ITB SC in collaboration with IATMI SM ITB and HMTM “PATRA” ITB, conducted a technical guest lecture which discussed about surface facilities – Mubadala Petroleum’s Production Facilities on Ruby Field, at Total Handil, Petroleum Building, ITB. This event was held in order to enrich the knowledge of the audiences about the surface facilities, especially on Ruby’s Field. Ruby field, which is located in Makassar strait began to operate on 27th October 2013. Two speakers, i.e. Mr. Hadi Kusuma Rachmat and Mr. Tris Zulfirmie, explained a lot about surface facilities on Ruby field.

Basically, Process facilities in Ruby field consist of Process Quarters Platform (PQP) and Wellhead Platform (WHP) which connected with 60-meter bridge. There are also utility facilities, such as fuel gas system, seal gas system, diesel fuel, etc. Facilities are built based on the necessity, for instance the consideration about fluid properties, contaminants existence, etc. “Gas from the platform is delivered via 14” pipeline to Ruby Onshore Receiving Facility in Senipah”, Mr. Tris said.

Mr. Tris also explained three different operation modes on Ruby field, that is production without any compressor needed. “The wellhead pressure is big enough to support the gas until the downstream”. The second mode is using two parallel compressors, and the third mode is using series compressors. “After pressure declines more until the parallel compressor cannot provide enough energy to push the gas, we use series compressors so that it will provide more energy”, Mr. Tris said.

Explaining about utility air system, Mr. Hadi said, “We can say it is like the heart of platform. If it doesn’t work, the whole platform will stop working”. Another topic explained by Mr. Hadi is the water treatment in Ruby Field. This Guest Lecture was closed with question and answer session.

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