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SPE Winning Petrobowl ITB Asia Pacific

Author : Competition and Management Division

APOGCE Competition 1

APOGCE ( Asia Pacific Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition ) is an annual event held by the SPE International . This event has theme “maximizing the Mature , Elevating the Young ” and consist of conferences , paper presentations , and petro-bowl  competition. The show lasted for 3 days starting from June 22 – October 24, 2013 at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC). Of some existing events , Petrobowl get more attention from students and get direct invitation of the Committee to follow this Petrobowl . The committee provides an opportunity for 6 (six) people who are lucky from each university and 6 are divided into two (2) teams . Petrobowl itself is a quiz competitions in the field of Oil and Gas Industry which was held on October 23, 2013 .

SPE ITB Competition and Management Division facilitates the students or members of SPE ITB to enter the race , because the committee restricts only 6 ( six ) the competencies and Management Division then selecting to get 6 ( six ) the right person for this race . A team consisting of H Alfino Lubis , Theoza Nopranda and Iqbal Triputra while Team B consisted of Bella Astari , Muizuddin Shidqi , and John Victor S. All of these students come from the Department of Petroleum Engineering and a member of the ITB 2010 SPE ITB SC.

This Petrobowl is followed by 22 teams consisting of several universities including UI , Trisakti , UPN Jogya , UTM ( Malaysia ) , UiTM ( Malaysia ) , cupb ( China ) , Chulalonkorn ( Thailand ) , Heroes ( Philippines ) , ITB , UGM , UIR , STT Migas , and other University . The main purpose of this event is to make a good relationship among the SPE Student Chapter in Asia Pacific. Petrobowl this time consists of 4 (four) the preliminary round, second round , semifinals and finals .

As a result, Team B ITB get first Winner after defeating many Student Chapter in the final round with a score far enough . So many impressions that can be taken, among others, we can expand friendships with students in the country and abroad, in addition to that we can also meet with officials Oil Company in Indonesia.

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