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Today, October 24th 2015, ITB (Bandung Institute of Technology) organized a program called “ITB Sehat”. There were four events held in this program: Talk show “Keep Productive, Stay Healthy”, Psychology Consultation, Medical Checkup, and Fun Urbanathlon. These events were held from 08.00 till 17.00.

The last event conducted was Fun Urbanathlon. In this event, you, as a team with two other people, are instructed to run around the campus with five obstacles at some spot. Each person in your team has to pass each obstacle and collect a checklist from a committee at each obstacle to win this race. However, beside that, you and your team among the others have to be the fastest arrived at finish line to win. All of the contestants are given medal and banana at the end of the race. The team with the fastest time and complete checklist, of course awarded. What’s more, the team with the best custom is also awarded.

There should be 50 teams participated in this race. But it seemed that some of the teams couldn’t come. The teams could be both man and woman, and came from many places, inside or outside ITB. The race started at 15.30, and the crowded contestants were accompanied by four marshalls (the one who is in front of the crowd to show the track and beside the crowd to ensure there is nothing interferes with the race lane) and a sweeper to close the lane from behind. The first obstacle was called “Loncat Palang”, where each contestant had to jump over some crossbars. This obstacle was not as difficult as the next, “Merayap”, where the contestants had to crawl in some distance to pass. The contestants’ queue that was coming to the third obstacle began to be widely apart. The third obstacle was called “Spider Web”, where all of the contestants had to pass a path full of stretched rope all over the place. This was quite difficult since you have to help your teammates if they were stuck in the middle of the spider web. After some distance the fourth obstacle came, called “Vertical Run”. The contestants had to go up on stairs, up to three floors above a building. This was very exhausted above all obstacles you have passed before. After this, the contestants were faced to the last obstacle, “Tire Jump”, where they had to jump with stepping their feet inside tire holes. When the contestants passed this obstacle, they should think that the track ahead will be smooth. But just before the finish line, the contestants were shocked by water ball shooting.

The winning team in the race was “Bandung Explorer” with time recorded 8 minutes and 46 seconds. “We, Bandung Explorer, exercises three times a week in Saraga, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday”, they said. They deserved it.

Overall, the preparation of this Fun Urbanathlon were terrific, began with amazing posters until realization in D-day by collaborating with others. We saw that all of the contestants were enjoying the race. They seemed panic at the first place, but then they smiled and laughed after the race.

My recommendation about this program personally is the stage for opening and closing should be more attractive. We could give the contestants some place to sit, for example, or the banner should be tied to trees around so that it wouldn’t be blown by strong wind. Besides that, our communication should be built better to ensure the better process in running the program.

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