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SPE Teach English Day #1

SPE Teach English is an event which has a goal to help students from Elementary School and Junior High School especially in Riksa Foundation to improve their ability on English. SPE Teach English Goes to Riksa will be conducted 4 times at Riksa Foundation and we’ve already make curriculum for it. SPE Teach English is a part of SPE for Education Social Service Theme, it’s to support educational purpose in this country.

On September 16th 2015, it is SPE Teach English Day One in this year. Previously we have already contact Riksa Foundation about schedule and material their needs. From our consideration, we make curriculum that suitable with time and students capacity to learn new things.

In this first day of SPE Teach English, we teach alphabet especially how to pronounce it to elementary students. To prevent students get bored, we sing alphabet song with them. Our participants not only elementary students but also junior high school students. For junior high school students, we teach about how to express greetings, grateful and apologizing, because we think that it is basic of english course. Some students already know about our material but for some students that it is a new things for them.

Also, we have been prepared several vocabulary related to adjectives and adjective games. After we teach about adjectives, their meanings and how to pronounce it. We conduct adjective games. In this games, participants should express adjectives that committee give to them with their face or movement, and other students should have to guess what adjective is it. It is very fun games for them and it help them to understand about that adjectives. We also give some reward to someone who give correct answer at that games.

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