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SPE ITB SC’S Second Internal Gathering

On 6th September 2015, we, Domestic Concern division conducted internal gathering which was a sports day for all members of the SPE 2015/2016.The chosen sport was swimming as we wanted to get fresh and be more fresh. Located in Rumah SOSIS Bandung, Setiabudi street no. 293-295 Lembang, Bandung.  The purpose of this event was, just like what is our SPE president wanted, to make a bonding and connected with each other, as we can face this tough season together as one big solid family, and also the other important one was to have fun for a while after such a busy week of studying and other activities we had.

The event started at 8 AM, and there were about 15 people gathered that day. The place had a pretty nice pool with clear water and some facilities that were interesting. Here the exitement began, a memory to remember.

It was quite cold morning, coupled with the pool water to become colder, but it was not enough to cope with our enthusiasm. As the time passed, the excitement made us forget the cold anyway.

After the super cold session , it’s time we tried the hot water, jacuzzi, the highlighted facility. All the stress just gone by and the mind became so clear the mement we get into this bath tub. It was the real refreshment.

As an adult, that matter did not hinder our passion in trying all the rides there, including pool balls that is supposed for children. From the happy face that they made, it seemed that all of the people inside did had a quite less happy childhood.

Lastly, the time is up. Laughter bent the time to becomes faster. Every minute, conversation, and all of the acivites was precious. Hopefully, this kind of event can be a regular event in the future and there are more people to join, as we become more familiar with each other and the purpose can be accomplished. As the last word we would like to say, “when you have wonderful friends, you have wonderful times”, it was a wonderful day.

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