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SPE ITB SC Won Three Places in Boreyes 2017

Boreyes International Energy Fair is an annual event held by SPE Padjajaran University Student Chapter. Every year, student chapters across Indonesia send their best delegates to vie in this national-scale competition. Themed “Responsible and Optimalization Energy for Sustainable Future”, this agenda included National Seminar, International Scientific Conferences, Smart Competition, Oil Rig Design Competition, Paper and Poster Competition, Social responsibilities, and Gala Dinner. The competition, which took place in Bandung, was held on Saturday, March 18, 2017. In this occasion, SPE ITB SC participated by sending 3 teams: two teams for Smart Competition and one team for Oil Rig Design Competition. Thankfully, all of them came home bringing victory.

Among 12 teams that joined smart competition, both teams managed to achieve the first place and the second place. After going through three stages, Adam Ramadhan Priatna (Petroleum Engineering 2013), Fada Wibawanto (Petroleum Engineering 2013), and Alvine Winardi (Petroleum Engineering 2013) was declared as the first winner. “I am so happy to take a part in this competition. The key of success is to believe each other in a team. I want to thank you SPE ITB SC and members of both teams that had helped us in learning and preparation process. It really means a lot,” Alvine stated.

Meanwhile, the second winner also felt the same joy. The team that consists of Kevin Tja (Petroleum Engineering 2013), Teddy Nilam (Petroleum Engineering 2013), and Stephen Leonardo (Petroleum Engineering 2013) said that it was an exciting experience and they got a lot of learnings. In order to prepare for this, they spent time for routine training twice a week. Stephen said “Thank you for trainers and team members! We can accomplish this because of your hard work and assistance”.

How about the oil rig design competition? We proudly announced that SPE ITB SC delegates won the first place! Bima Dwiputra (Petroleum Engineering 2014), Febby Nur Feliyanti (Ocean Engineering 2014), Widya Ayu Anindita (Architecture 2014), and Defry Erwinsyah Umra Lubis (Petroleum Engineering 2014) told us that they put a lot of effort and dedication into this. The team, which was formed based on collaboration between three different majors, has gone through a long process. From building blueprint concept, creating mock-up, writing proposal, until constructing presentation materials; they have done it all. The sacrifices that they made finally paid off.

The famous baseball player, Babe Ruth, once said “The way a team plays as a whole determine its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime.” Last but not least, hopefully this achievement may become an inspiration for other students in ITB.

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