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SPE ITB SC Benchmarking Session with SPE UI SC

Benchmarking activity with SPE UI SC was planned in ITB at the first place yet there was some trouble we have encountered regarding the meeting room lease, so SPE ITB SC and SPE UI SC made an agreement to complete the agenda in Jakarta. On 13th of September 2015, we came to Jakarta (Warung Pasta, Margonda) in order to complete our benchmarking agenda with SPE UI SC. There were ten SPE ITB SC boards and three boards from IPWeek2016 came. The benchmarking was planned to begin precisely at 10 AM, we’ve arrived at Warung Pasta exactly at 9.30 AM to began preparing our presentation regarding SPE ITB SC and IPWeek2016 overall explanation. Sadly, benchmarking activity began not on schedule, which was at 11.00 AM because there was some miscommunication between Nia, acted as external affairs on SPE UI SC and her boards. Not to put any further concern on the lateness of our agenda, we began the initial program which was SPE UI SC presentation presented by Salman and Adyota acted as president and vice president of SPE UI SC. Presentation delivered by SPE UI SC has proficiently meet our primary expectation which was enhancing SPE ITB SC boards comprehension regarding other student chapter boards structure and their engagement on it. The next agenda was SPE ITB SC presentation delivered by Saviq acted as president of SPE ITB SC. The presentation was well delivered. After SPE ITB SC presentation has been conducted, IPWeek2016 presentation began to be delivered by the project manager, Bintan Pradika.

After all presentation agenda has been accomplished, moderator of the benchmarking activity was dividing both student chapter into five groups which was internal, external, event, HR, and competition to get to know each other and additionally discuss about their involvement on the division they have engage for each student chapter. This event was made in hope that the connection and professional collaboration between student chapters could be sustained in an inexhaustible time. The benchmarking event was closed with the photo session for all student chapter boards. Overall, benchmarking activity with SPE UI SC was satisfactorily done and finishes precisely on schedule.

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