Jl. Ganeca 10, Bandung, West Java - Indonesia


On Friday, December 7th 2012, Bandung Institute of Technology is honored to welcome SPE International President, Mr. Ganesh Thakur, to visit our campus and sharing his time and knowledgment to us. In the morning, Mr. Ganesh Thakur spend two hours with the lecturer of Petroleum Engineering Department in ITB then followed by lunch which is served by Petroleum Engineering Department and attended by Mr. Ganesh Thakur himself, some lecturer of Petroleum Engineering Department and some of boards and staffs of SPE ITB SC. During lunch, we talked and discussed about president’s visit in Indonesia and his career which is responded warmly by Mr. President himself.

According to the schedule after lunch we have a guest lecture with Mr. Thakur as the speaker which was started at 1.30 pm. In this guest lecture, placed in Total Room, Petroleum Engineering Building, there were more than 80 students from many major beside Petroleum Engineering, such as Geology and Chemical Engineering. To open this event, first there were a few remarks by Mr. Thakur, Mr. Ramadhan Primantara as a representative of SPE Java Section and Michael Ari Dhanto as the President of SPE ITB SC. There was also a Golden Student Chapter Award Presentation from Mr. Ganesh Thakur to Michael as SPE ITB SC has achieved. After that there was a performance by ITB’s Student Orchestra or usually called ISO. They played one song named “Laksmana Raja di Laut” and it was such a beautiful harmony. Mr. Thakur seems like loving the performance since he record the whole song in his own camera.

Then Mr. Ganesh Thakur began his presentation about Student Involvement in SPE and followed by his brief explanation about his paper which is published as one of SPE’s paper. The topic of his paper is discussing about reservoir management. After he finished his presentation, there was a question and answer session which is open for all participant who eager to know and learn more about what he was discussed or about his career-life. This guest lecture was finished at 4.30 pm and ended by memento presentation from SPE ITB SC to Mr. Thakur and took photo together with all participants.

For the participant who join this guest lecture, this huge opportunity to learn more from the inspirational Mr. Thakur is already ended but for board and staff of relationship and development division of SPE ITB SC, luckily we still have a chance to spend the night for dinner with Mr. Thakur, Mr. Ramadhan and Mr. Heri Tapiheru from Chevron who accompanied the president while he was in Bandung. This warm dinner was taking place in one of restaurant that has a beautiful view of Bandung at night named Congo. Since in the morning Mr. Thakur already had a meeting plan with Petroleum Engineering Department, this dinner ended earlier but still, we were having a really good time. Mr. Thakur sure loved taking photos together and didn’t want to miss the Bandung’s delightful night view as in the farewell session, we took photo together again in his camera.



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