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SPE Medical Check-up was held at the same time with SPE Blood Donor on Saturday, October 24th 2015 from 9.00 – 14.00 (two sessions) in ITB Basketball Field. We gathered 150 participants to join and get our service. In this medical check-up, they got weight and height check, blood check like cholesterol contains, glucose contains, and uric acid contains, and lung check like carbon dioxide contain and lung health with no charge. After medical check-up, participant can share the result with doctor. This medical check-up was implemented by Volunteer Doctor of Unpad and also their faculty.

First session started at 9.00 and finished at 11.30. The event supposed to start at 08:00, but our committee was coming late and also the volunteer doctor. In first session, the participants were crowded because many students and people were around. And after the participants had medical check-up, they were asked to donor their blood and check for their lung. So in this first session, almost every participant can join both SPE medical check-up and SPE blood donor. Second session started at 13.00 and finished at 14.00. And even though  the registration was closed, there are still many people who want to participate.

People enthusiasm about this event was so high even the day was including the examination for 1st grade students. So many people and students wanted to check their health in this event. We had to extend our event because so many people still on queue when the event finished. This event was very good event and had so many benefit both to society and SPE itself.

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