speitbsc.org – BANDUNG, SPE ITB SC has conducted SPE Get To Know Petroleum and theme of the seminar is “What We Face in Petroleum Engineering: Introduction and Challenges” on 31 August 2018 from 13.00 to 15.00 at Energy Building Auditorium.

The participants were from various major and faculty like FTTM, FMIPA, FTI, and FITB. The majors mainly from Petroleum Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Geology Engineering. They were very enthusiastic to follow this event especially from batch 2018 as a newcomer in Bandung Institute of Technology. The speakers were Mr. Jafee Suardin, Ph.D., as a Deputy of Planning SKK Migas, Indonesia, and Mr. Ir. Asep Kurnia Permadi, M.Sc., Ph.D., as a Lecturer of Bandung Institute of Technology.

The first speakers are Mr. Asep. The presentation was mainly about Introduction to Petroleum Engineering, and why it is important to learn about peroleum engineering. Mr. Asep also explained about what petroleum engineers study and how to be a good petroleum engineer. In the question sessions, participants who were newcomers asked about the lack of petroleum reserves. He said that there will be a shortage of petroleum reserves if explorations are not done.

Next speaker was Mr.Jafee. Mainly, his presentation was about working area of SKK Migas. He also gave participants prize questions about oil and gas industry and reserves. Mr. Jaffee also presented the job desk of SKK Migas.

In the last session, participants did the game named Kahoot. The materials were from trivia about oil and gas and surely about SPE. Thank you Mr.Jafee and Mr.Asep for the fun and insightful seminar. (AK)


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