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SPE For Humanity consist of two events which is SPE Day Care and SPE Hope For Life conducted by Social Service division. These events are held to help the education and our awareness of street children around Bandung, especially in area around ITB.

For these events SPE ITB SC collaborated with Save Street Child Bandung. Save Street Child Bandung is a community organization that runs by Bandung activists who care and want to improve the education of street children in Bandung. They spend their time every weekend for about 3pm until 5pm every Saturday and Sunday. They list every street child that need educational improvement and made an education plan for them. They made the education plan based on street children ability and their ages because almost all street children cannot continue their formal education.

SPE for Humanity was conducted in cross section of Dago and Sultan Agung Street at September 13th, 2015. On SPE Day Care event, SPE ITB SC had a role to help Save Street Child Bandung teach street children that present that day. The education plan that Save Street Child Bandung had planned for September 13th is Math and Reading along with Memories Al-Quran. SPE ITB SC teaches 14 street children with different age categories: 3 children below 3 years, 7 children with age 4-7 years, and 4 children with age 11-15 years. At first all the children is very shy to meet someone new like us, so the representative of Save Street Child Bandung told us to playing fun games first with them. After they get a little comfort, the education plan is started. Each of us is responsible for about 1-2 children and we have to teach them properly based on the education plan. The learning process takes about 1.5 hours. After that, SPE ITB SC, staffs of Save Street Children Bandung, the street children, and their parents had a dinner together. We talk, we laugh, and we feel the enjoyment for one another at this event.

SPE Hope For Life is conducted just before the SPE for Humanity officially ends. SPE ITB SC gives the street children some goods that will help them in the process to improve their education. The goods package consist of 1 drawing book, 2 writing books, 2 pencils, 1 sharpener, 1 eraser, 1 set of ruler, and 1 set of coloring pencils. SPE ITB SC also gives a money support for Save Street Child Bandung because we think this organization is worth to be continued.

This event was very successful. We had zero problems when run these events. And we are very glad to collaborate with Save Street Child Bandung. Hopefully, SPE ITB SC can have a good communication with them and make another event together in the future.

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