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Smart Competition Workshop

BANDUNG, speitbsc.org – Smart Competition is the simplest competition in petroleum engineering department, because you just need to memorize question bank and the subject material. Many students hesitate about what subject material that should be memorized, also the trick  for winning this competition, so on Thursday (27/10/17) at 4-6 PM at Total Handil Room, Petroleum Engineering Building, SPE ITB SC, IATMI SM ITB, and HMTM “PATRA” ITB, conducted Smart Competition Workshop to answer all the students hesitation of this competition. The speakers were the ELITE 8 of Petrobowl 2017, Gitani Tsalitsah Dahnil (PE 2013) and Kevin Tja (PE 2013).

First tips from Gita and Kevin was the candidates must learn the type that organized the competition. For example, if the competition was about Geothermal, so geothermal material subject should be the first priority to be memorized than other subject material. Not only the subject, but you must also see what university that organized the competition. For example Universitas Padjajaran made the questions from the Geological material subject and little bit about petroleum engineering. These tips were really important to memorize effectively. Then, the candidates must know their opponents to build the confidence before the competition began. The other tips was pray especially for the seeding. The candidates also shouldn’t forget to ask the committee for minimizing the probability that teams from the same university will compete against each other. There will be training session from the represented organization, so join the training season regularly and never hesitate to answer in the training session! Even it’s better if your answer are wrong, you will remember it for the rest of your life. Last but not least, build chemistry within your team and believe in your teammates. By doing all the tips above, hopefully we can nail this competition easily.

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