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On January 22nd 2016, Education and Workshop division of SPE ITB SC, with HMTM “PATRA” ITB and IATMI SM ITB welcomed Mr. Agus Santoso, the head recruiter of PGN Saka in Total Handil and Tunu Room, at Petroleum Engineering building. We were conducting our weekly guest lecture, with a special CV and Interview topic presented by Mr. Agus Santoso.

CV & interview 221_4082

Mr. Agus Santoso began his presentation with a brief introduction to PGN Saka. Their background, how the company formed from Indonesian’s national gas company, and the operation they currently involved in. And then a little bit about himself and his experience as a recruiter.


The main session begin with Mr. Agus explanation about what a good CV should contain. There are 2 major outline the writer should take notice in writing his / her CV. Contents and writing methods. The contents should answer anything the advertisement or the requirement of the position we applied for. And it is important to keep express ourselves with experience or skill that can bring benefit the company. As for the writing methods, it is critical to explain our CV with active word, as it can describes us better. Finally, dont forget to recheck the CV to prevent miss type.


And for the interview section, first of all wear something proper. As our appearance can affect the whole section. The presentation the followed by a simulation with a major question that normally be asked by interviewer. These whole seminar was very interisting shown by a lot of questions asked by the attendances.

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