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Schlumberger Women and Technology Essay Competition – Career Talk

Schlumberger has just recently conducted the essay competition for female engineering students in Indonesia. As the prize, the winners and selected essays will be invited to the first ever Schlumberger Women and Technology Career Talk in Asia Pacific – with all accommodations provided by Schlumberger. The background of this event is to empower and motivate women, especially woman engineers, to advance in their future careers in engineering and technology. This will form a significant advantage to solve many of the challenges faced by both the developing and the developed industry in this world, and women are indeed part of that.

In September 21st-22nd , around 50 participants selected from 300+ essays submission in the competition, were invited to attend Schlumberger Women and Technology Career Talk in Hotel Santika Cikarang – Schlumberger Cikarang Integrated Base. The selected participants were from many universities in Indonesia, to be mentioned ITB, UI, UGM, ITS, Trisakti, Undip, and UPN. I was also the one of selected participant

In the first day, the event took place in Hotel Santika Cikarang. Participants were given an introduction and short briefing about the event itself. At 06.00 PM, Gala Dinner was conducted in Hotel Santika’s Ballroom. In the Gala Dinner, participants were sitting together with managers in Schlumberger. The idea was so participant and the managers can get along and share experience in more comfortable and private situation. The top ten essays winners were also announced in the Gala Dinner.

In the second day, the event was conducted in Schlumberger Cikarang Integrated Base. The day started very early at around 7.00 AM after breakfast, continued with the journey from Hotel Santika Cikarang to Schlumberger Cikarang Integrated Base. The first event was the career talk session with four speakers – all of them are managers in Schlumberger, Mrs. Nurfitrah Mat Noh (Schlumberger Asia Recruiting Manager), Mrs. Dian P (LWD Petrophysical Asset Domain Champion), Mrs. Yuli Widarja (ASA HR Manager for Wireline in Malaysia), and Mrs. Fita Sari (PTS HR Manager in KL Malaysia). After the career talk session, participants were divided into several groups to do the walkaround to see the field equipments in Schlumberger’s workshop and more intense mentoring session with the managers. The event was closed with the group feedback performance and group photos. At around 5.00 PM, the event was completely finished, and the participants were heading back to their hometown.

To me personally, this career talk was so inspiring. The managers shared their experience in Schlumberger, their ups and downs, tips and tricks, and even personal experiences that motivate them to excel in their careers. My favorite messages from the event was from Mrs. Yuli – it is about being a positive person. How you get through all ups and down in your life, is set from your mindset. To take, embrace, and do it step by step – and everyday has to be fun.

And if I can sum up the whole Schlumberger Women and Technology Career Talk with one word only – it would be DOPE! The whole event was very exciting all the girls are very lovely and enthusiastic – can you imagine 50 females together in one place at the same time? It was crazy – of course in a positive way! To me, Schlumberger shall really create this event as annual event. The only input I am suggesting is to make this event even longer

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