Schlumberger Vacation Trainee Training

BANDUNG, – Collaborated with AAPG ITB SC and SEG ITB SC, SPE ITB SC conducted the Schlumberger Vacation Trainee Training. This training was held on Tuesday (20/02/18) 1-3PM at Total Handil Room, Petroleum Engineering Building. There were six speakers at this training. The speakers were the former vacation trainee in 2017 and 2016. In this training there were three main topics: sharing session, selection mechanism and simulation.

At the sharing session, all of the speakers gave their own experiences during the training, from the placement until the on-going process as the trainee. There were two placement points for the trainee, first was on East Kalimantan and second was on Riau. The location made the trainee face many difficulties for doing phone communication and internet access, because the lack of signal. However, there were a lot of new knowledge about the service company’s job that they could take at that moment. Moreover, all of the accommodation was fully-funded by Schlumberger.

There were four stages of selections for becoming the vacation trainee. First, English communication test. In this stage, there were two HR personnel that tested the candidates’s ability by asking them to describe a thing or situation randomly. This session will be 1-minute long. The point of this stage was to measure how confident the candidates in communicating using English and how the messages could be told to the HR. The tips were spoke as much as possible without stopped and never say any Indonesian words. The next stage is the aptitude test. This test actually the easiest among all the stages where the candidates had to answer easy analytical calculation test, basic physics and chemistry. The third stage was FGD. The tips was be genuine as possible. The last stage was interview session. In this interview, the HR basically want to know more about the candidate.

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