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Save a Life by Donating your Blood!

BANDUNG, speitbsc.org – PETROFEST 2017 conducted a blood drive event on Friday (03/11/17), which was a pre-event of PETROFEST 2017. This event was held at LABTEK V ITB, at 9-12AM. The donators were excited as they were queuing to donor their blood.

The pre-event was held to increase the excitement of PETROFEST 2017, which will be held from (17/11/17) until (18/11/17). PETROFEST 2017 collaborated with KSR PMI UNPAD and also PMI to conduct this event. KSR PMI UNPAD helped PETROFEST 2017 to communicate and invite PMI to help the blood donor event.

Theo Lumbanraja as the head division of pre-event PETROFEST 2017 said, “Blood donor was chosen because it was the right social event for PETROFEST 2017 and also, we can promote PETROFEST 2017 by doing a social event”. For preparing the event, it was hard to find the place to hold the event affecting to difficulties in finding the logistics.

Even though the targeted number, 100 sacks of blood was not reached because of limited times, the event was successful, and 80 sacks of blood were obtained. Philip (Mining Engineering ‘15) who was one of the donor, said that blood donor has many positive impact to his body. He always feels energetic the day after he donated his blood. He also said that he does the donor often.

“I hope that this event can increase the excitement for PETROFEST 2017,” Theo said. He also hopes many people would be saved by this blood drive.

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