Pre-facing Oil and Gas Industry

by Internship and Job Training Program SPE ITB SC

Education is one factor which is very essential in a professional organization such as SPE. It is very important because more education means more professional, and professionalism is the main core of Society of Petroleum Engineers. As Petroleum Engineering Students, we have had the theoritical explanation in class, but there is another thing about being a great Petroleum Engineer, which is practical work. That is why ITB oblige their students to have Job Training program in their 4-year study.

On 21 September 2012, Education and Workshop Division of SPE SC-ITB conducted a workshop which is called “Pre-facing Oil and Gas Industry by Internship and Job Training Program”. The purpose of this program is to let students who had done their Internship and Job Training program (mostly 4th-year student) to share their experiences so that later on, the participants can achieve more than the speakers did.


In this workshop, there were 7-8 speakers and each of them acted as the representatives of oil company such as Chevron, Total, Pertamina, Vico, etc. They taught the participants about the steps, tips, and tricks from registration, selection process, until how the program ran.


The number of this workshop’s participant is 62 students. Most of them come from Petroleum Engineering Major batch 2009 and 2010.  Finally, we really hope that this workshop will help them during their study in ITB and hopefully they can get accepted in the company they are wishing for.


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