Jl. Ganeca 10, Bandung, West Java - Indonesia

PETROFEST 2014 SPE UGM SC & SPE UPN SC in Conjuction with Annual SPE JAVA Event

Petrofest 2014

Institut Teknologi Bandung won second winner of this competition. This Competition held by SPE UGM SC & SPE UPN SC in Conjuction with Annual SPE JAVA Event.

In Petrobowl competition, Our Petrobowl team (Gusti Ardiansah, Oscar Dwi Marjuwan, Hanny, Fariz Kutama, Wahyu Utomo) fight against home team UPN at the semi final round with really tough match. UPN as the home team answering like has known  the question but we have train our knowledge about petroleum in the class so we can beat them in this round. After that we face another home team. In this round we have a tough match. But in few minutes before this match finish we hesitate to answer the questions. So home team take the advantage and beat us at the few minutes before match finish. But we thank to God that we can get seond position of the winner, and we will do better in the next competition. Home team, UGM-A and UGM-B won the first and third winner of this competition.

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