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Guest Lecture: Oil and Gas Industry

After conducting “Pre-facing Oil and Gas Industry” workshop on September 21st 2012, Education and Workshop Division of SPE SC-ITB conducted the next part of oil and gas industry introduction, which is a Guest Lecture with “Oil and Gas Industry” as the theme. The event was conducted on October 12th 2012 […]


Internasional Oil and Gas Symposium (IOGS) 2012

INTERNATIONAL OIL AND GAS SYMPOSIUM (IOGS) 2012 is set to be the event organized by SPE UTM thus far. It will be guested by managers and engineers from multinational corporations as well as students of various academic disciplines. The symposium aims to provide answers and insights to the many queries […]


Drilling Simulation is Method to Evaluate Incremental Options, Reduce Risk

As computing power has become more affordable and E&P industry understands of down hole drilling dynamics has improved, sophisticated simulation software has been developed to optimize drilling. Most drilling engineering analysis software has been based on using static analysis assuming steady-state conditions. Although useful, the end result was little more […]


5 Trends in Oil & Gas Technology, and Why You Should Care

Developments in oil and gas are often overlooked in tech publications. It’s easy to see how technology is reinventing retail, entertainment, telecommunication, and healthcare, but there’s little discussion of tech’s impact on universe of companies focused on natural resources extraction, such as petroleum, natural gas, and mining companies, aka “extractive […]


Vision and Mission

Vision: “Establishing SPE SC ITB as a professional organization with utmost excellence in internal solidness & external recognition” Mission: – Solid : Develop leadership, optimize teamwork & strengthen relationship between boards, staffs, and members – Professional : Provide training and opportunities to enhance hard and soft skill for every element […]