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Oil Rig Design Competition Workshop by SPE ITB SC, IATMI SM ITB and HMTM “PATRA” ITB

BANDUNG, speitbsc.org – Oil Rig Design (ORD) competition is one of the most interesting competition in Petroleum Engineering Department, but somehow some people don’t know where to start. Therefore, on Thrusday (11/10/17) 4-6 PM at Seminar Room, Petroleum Engineering Building, SPE ITB SC, IATMI SM ITB, and HMTM “PATRA” ITB, conducted an Oil Rig Design Competition to answer all the students’ hesitation of this competition with Padlan (PE’15) as the moderator at the workshop.

RESPARMIO, was the name of the expert team of ITB’s Oil Rig Design Competition who became the speakers of the workshop, consist of : RBM Aditya (PE 2013), Aditya Pramada Wicaksana (PE 2013) and Sigit (AE 2013). They had joined four competitions and most of those competition, they became the 1st winner. The key was efficient, as same as the meaning of their team’s name, RESPARMIO from the Italy languange.

Learning from the experienced, finding diverse member, finding the comfort team, sharing & framing and task assignment & exploration were the first step for the newbie to start ORD Competition which given by RESPARMIO in the opening. After that, the everyone in the team should respect and understand each other, have clear task assignment, synchronize the goal, plan everything well and have commitment. For the newbie also, in the first time ORD Competition, avoid winning ambition and just focus on looking the experience and search for the team’s mistakes if didn’t win from the judges. All the tips above were the basic tips before entering the technical tips. For the technical tips, in the later ORD Competition the team must really put all the mind to the weight & load test also the floating test, because these tests were the biggest portion of the whole aspects of ORD Competition, not only that but also make the best presentation and make sure that all the members take a part as the speakers at the presentation. By doing all the tips above, hopefully a team will be able to nail this competition easily.

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