NGOPI – Ngobrol Bareng ConocoPhillips




On April 1st 2015, the new president and vice president of SPE ITB SC has just been elected. Saviq (President) and Andi Vany (Vice President), Petroleum Engineering student batch 2012, won the “epic-rivalry” election. No more than 4 weeks after that, on April 23rd 2015 for exact, NGOPI, an event held by ConocoPhillips and SPE ITB SC was conducted. It was a big chance for SPE ITB SC to prove their professionalism and build their relationship with the world’s largest independent exploration and production company, ConocoPhillips, to run this big event.

NGOPI-Ngobrol Bareng ConocoPhillips was conducted in West Auditorium, Institut Teknologi Bandung, and considered as big event due to the participant attendance (up to 158 participants), from Insititut Teknologi Bandung and Padjajaran University, the venue, and the event itself.

The purpose of NGOPI is to inform all the participant about ConocoPhillips company, its distribution in Indonesia, key to succeed and grow with ConocoPhillips, and also to select champion that represent both ITB and UNPAD on the next Petrodash Qualification to go to IPA ,International Petroleum Association.

Before the event started, all of participant have to register again, and it was managed well by committee form SPE ITB SC. The event was then started by the opening from adorable master ceremony, Yolla. Then the safety induction was declared.  Following that, there was opening speech from ConocoPhillips, followed by the new elected president of SPE ITB SC, Saviq. After the opening speech, the talk show begun and the keynote speaker unpredictably were the ITB and UNPAD alma mater. The talkshow itself all describe the participant about ConocoPhillips company profile, location and facilities. It also tell about the life in ConocoPhillips, and how to be succeed in ConocoPhillips. After the incredible talkshow, the petrodash qualification begun. Both ITB and UNPAD Student show their knowledge and curiosity in this session. The talk show and petodash qualification did answer the purpose of this event. Photo session then closed the event.

The event was conducted well and also interested the participant, proved by many question asked during Q&A session, and high number in Petrodash Competition Qualification.  At the end of the event, champion from ITB and UNPAD has selected, and free meal and merchandise was given to the participant, adding the enjoyment to them.

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