Living the Goals: A Personal Narrative by Cinndy Claudia for Schlumberger Vacation Trainee NES Training Program

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Welcome to my story!

As quoted above, I’m dedicating this space to anything and everything about being grateful. Having a chance to take a part in Schlumberger Vacation Trainee NES Training Program gave me the inclination towards learning and development. I am delving into this area more and more – and the more I learn about it, the more interesting it becomes. For those who have not known about this, let me explain briefly. Vacation Trainee (VT) is an annual event held by Schlumberger in the form of one-month long internship program in order to give us exposure and experience about how to work and lifestyle in Schlumberger itself. But before the participants are placed, they will be provided with New Employee Safety (NES) Training to ensure they will work safely. As the representative of SPE ITB SC, I am one of other thirties people, invited to join this program. As we know, everyone must take a test to join. So, this is such a very valuable experience for me, although I only can be there for three days.

In the first day, the event opened with opening speech and company profile by Ms. Ananta Ruri as the Recruiting Manager for Schlumberger Indonesia and Australasia. Then, we are doing some sessions and focus group discussion about Hazard Identification and Risk Control (HARC) and introduction to things that can hurt us. On the second day, same as the previous day, we are doing some session. The topic is about Health, First Aid, and Environment & Schlumberger SAFE Rules and Tools. For the last day, we are allowed to do walkaround the Schlumberger Cikarang Integrated Base and doing session about Schlumberger Injury Prevention Program (SIPP). The event closed with dinner and networking.

Different from other usual event, in this program we make our own rules and must comply it. We are also encouraged to be pro-active and explore our creativity. All of the sessions are done in two ways. The speaker explain in general and we develop it to be explained and understood by other in our own ways. Participants are also given the opportunity to try the virtual reality tools and through this it indirectly giving us an idea what the field looks like. By joining this program, it changed my view of safety and realized that safety is so important.

The atmosphere here is very touching me as a student. Every step at the university we should make the most of it. Move with people who have high spirit awaken me to keep fighting. All of us need to sacrifice to achieve the goals. Let’s living our goals. (CC)

Question & Answer

  • Why should Schlumberger Vacation Trainee?
  • Give us opportunity, facilities, and infrastructure to know Schlumberger lifestyle and how to deliver service from zero.
  • How to join Schlumberger Vacation Trainee?
  • Apply > Confirmation > Invitation > Campus Recruiting > Interview > Announcement
  • Requirement: GPA > 3.2, engineeering major, fluent in English, interpersonal skills, etc.
  • How many segments can we join?
  • 19 segments, such as well services, Cameron, etc.
  • How about the segment placement?
  • Depends on personality and business requirement.
  • What distinguish it from other trainings?
  • Schlumberger Vacation Trainee is a good pipeline especially for early talent female engineer. As we know, Schlumberger is trying to improve the female position into the 25%.

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