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LET’S TALK: Guest Lecture Series


On this occasion, Let’s Talk (Learning Technical and Sharing Talk) is a series of guest lecture about technical knowledge in petroleum industry and future career as petroleum engineer conducted by SPE ITB SC in collaborating with IATMI SM ITB and HMTM “PATRA” ITB. This seminar was held on the basis of cooperation between organizations in ITB petroleum engineering department. On September 14, 2019, The first series of Let’s Talk in this period will bring the theme “Oil and Gas Career”. This event aim to increase technical knowledge about petroleum industry, enhance soft skill, and to give an overview about future career after graduation.

The speakers at this event included Aulia Ahmad Naufal (now at Sclumberger as production engineer) and Deva Tasia Ulitha (now at Sclumberger as reservoir engineer). The material that they talked about was the same as how we prepare ourselves before entering the workforce or tips and tricks during a job interview. Bang Aulia said to achieve our career goals, we must know our self-interest and industry needs in the future. Furthermore,  We also have to add self-value such as skills, experiences, certifications, networking and also that must be prepared is motivation letter , recommendation letter, english certificaton (TOEFL/IELTS), GRE/GMAT, etc. We can participate in many activities to add self-value like to attend committee events (IPFEST, Himpunan, BEM, Units, etc.), participate in various leadership training (XL Future Leaders, Tanoto Foundation, Youth Leaders Indonesia) or courses / self-taught.

In addition, Kak Deva said that for those who are interested in Master’s Degree, they are advised to accept scholarships such as LPDP, Fulbright, Australian Award, Chevening, MONBUKAGAKUSHO/MEXT etc. Based on LPDP’s website, West Java Province is the largest recipient of LPDP scholarships with a percentage of 19.06%, therefore, our chances of getting a scholarship are quite high and also ITS is the best campus in West Java.

Looking forward for the next guest lecture, check out our LINE@ and Instagram for news about later guest lecture! (NP)

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