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Jolly Day: Charity with Fun!

BANDUNG, speitbsc.org – On Saturday (14/10/17) Community Outreach Division of SPE ITB SC conducted a Jolly Day at Sanggar Waringin (near Bandung Station), at Pasir Kaliki. There were drama, games, book charity, and some other fun activities.

The preparation by the officers were practicing for the drama and held book charity from all the students in ITB. After several times of collecting the books, it was collected 30-40 books about short stories and encyclopedia. The officers also prepared the consumption, decoration, and presents. “Even though we prepared it in a short time, all the officers in Community Outreach division are helpful so we could make it,” said Maria Indira as the PIC of this event.

At 1 pm, after all the boards and officers had arrived, the event soon to be started. After the opening by Luthfan Desmono as President of SPE ITB SC and Mrs. Neny as the representative and caretaker from Sanggar Waringin. The officers were welcomed with 15 excited kids.

The next agenda is games session. Officers together with the kids play charades. The participants had to guess the words that they hold in their head. The kids had a lot of fun playing this game. And after that, the drama was performed. The drama was about the famous ‘Timun Mas’ legend. The kids and participants enjoyed the drama. They laughed and paid attention well to the performer. It felt good because the purpose of this event is to entertain the children. Their enthusiasm was beyond expectation since they didn’t want the event to be ended and they wanted to play more games. Mrs. Neny also hoped that SPE ITB SC could visit them again in some other times because the kids were happy and all the books given are meant a lot to the kids. Indira as the PIC also recommend this event to be held again next time to keep the good relationship.

After the closing at 3 pm, all the officers went home with happy and blessed feelings to share their happiness with the kids.

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