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ITB Made History in Petrobowl and Student Paper Contest in ATCE 2015 Houston, Texas

In September 2015, ITB PetroBowl team for the second time are able to represent ITB and made history in Petrobowl Championship to compete against 36 other universities. The ITB PetroBowl team consist of Mahruri (PE’11), Wilson Santana (PE’11), Gusti Ardiansah (PE’11), Ahmad Kamal (GL’12), Damian Dion Salam (PE’11).

Conducted in conjunction with ATCE 2015 at Houston, Texas, the PetroBowl Competition matches SPE student chapter teams against one another in a fast-paced quiz competition covering technical and non-technical aspects of the oil and gas industry. To be able to join the Petrobowl Championship, they are have to join tight internal selection and intensive 4-times-a-week training provided by SPE ITB SC and pass the Regional Qualifier 3 months before the championship in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The notable participating universities, Delft University, Texas A&M, University Texas at Austin.

In the first round, Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) is matched against Universidade Federal de Campina Grande, the most prestigious university in Brazil. After series of trivia and technical questions, ITB are able to outplay them in an astonishing score of 73-5 and make ITB team advance to Big 16 round.

In the second round, ITB is matched against Federal University, consist of smartest students in Nigeria. After series of geological and trivia questions thrown to both teams, unfortunately we are lose and unable to find our way to Elite 8.

There are several evaluations for ITB Petrobowl team, to learn more from the glossary and pictures in it, Company logo and where its headquarter, name of notable people in OnG Industry, and watch the Prize.

In student paper contest category, Damian Dion Salam paper titled “Measuring Permeability without Klikenberg Effect” compete with other 12 world-class university who won regional qualifier champions around the world. Notable universities attending the competition are Texas A&M, University of Tulsa, and University of Texas at Austin.

This year, Damian Dion Salam (PE’12) has been selected as representative for the Undergraduate Division of the SPE Asia-Pacific Region. Therefore, Damian Dion Salam (PE’12), together with lectures from petroleum engineering department, conducted a number of preparations and simulations to compete in International level paper contest. “Got the opportunity to compete with most prestigious Petroleum Engineering universities in the world delegating ITB name is a very great experience.” said Dion.

During the competition, there were 12 participants from 12 academic institutions representing 6 countries that present their research project. There were 4 judges from various background such as academic institution, research & development institution, and oil & gas industry. Each participant was given the presentation that last 12 minutes, plus an additional 5 minutes for question & answer session. “Student paper contest is very important to motivate students be able to find solution for problems in oil and gas industry while young” said Dion.

The champion of this competition comes from Southwestern North America Region, University of Texas at Austin with paper titled “Beaver Creek Unit Reservoir Evaluation”. Followed by University of Southern California paper titled “Errors in Estimating Interporosity Flow Coefficients in Naturally Fractured Reservoir”.

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