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IPGL #2 : Exellence in ESP Operation

BANDUNG, speitbsc.org – Integrated Petroleum Guest Lecture is a series of pre-event from IPWEEK which contains 4 Guest Lectures. The second guest lecture was held on Tuesday (23/01/18) at Total Handil room, Petroleum Engineering Building. Mr. Marda Bidrianto, (PE ’01) from CNOOC was the speaker, and Yulio (PE ’15) was the MC for the guest lecture. The room was filled not only with students from Petroleum Engineering but also from other majors.

Mr. Marda was sharing CNOOC best practices to produce oil and gas, especially with ESP. ESP is a type of artificial lift which is used by CNOOC and works like pump. In CNOOC, 100% wells (about 400+ wells) is ESP lifted. There are many challenges in ESP operation. First, the most important thing is the skill of the workers. The workers should be expert in knowing how ESP operate and how to train the workers to work hard and efficiently. The second one is for deep offshores. You can only use platform in the sea, and it means limited space, and you have to think about how much you want the equipment needed because there isn’t much space.

The third one is the cost. The most expense is spent on energy cost (about 45%), the second one is the installation cost. The cable used in ESP is the most expensive because it is made from rare material (stainless steel, silicon carbide, zirconia ceramic, fluoroelastomer). Next is improving production efficiencies at mature fields. Today, 70% of world’s fields is mature fields. There are lot of problem in mature fields, such as pressure drop, gas breakout, high water cut, formation damage, sand loose, and scale build up. The major problems are pressure drop (which the simplest solution is water injection) and high water cut (the solution is water block).

The fifth is the energy cost. CNOOC spent about $350.000 only for energy for ESP operation.  Each day, ESP need 90MW electricity only for ESP. The electricity is produced with power generator that consumed 40 MMSCF gas. But then, over the challenges from ESP, the production is stable while EPS operation.

Lastly, Mr. Marda said that to be different from others so that you can be succeed in life, also to have habit to save energy. He said that saving the energy is needed while you know how much cost you need to produce energy. Mr. Marda also give us advice to always benchmark and learn from other person as you will find solution with person other than your team.

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