IOGS (International Oil and Gas Symposium) 2012 Report

The event was held on November 7th – 8th , 2011, with the theme “Unlocking Next Level: Human Ingenuity, New Technology & Environmental Sustainability” at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Skudai, Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

SPE SC ITB sent 18 representatives consisted of 6 members for Petrobowl Competition, 10 members for Oil Rig Competition, and 2 members for Paper Presentation Competition. The names of all the representatives are Hulyadi Halim, Randy Perfibita, Dias Anugrah Massewa, Muhammad Romadhona, Rhadityo Bhaskoro Arbarim, Syarif Kamal, Michael Ari Dhanto, Irfan Taufik Rau, Yosaka Eka Putranta, Ramadhana Aristya, Kanisius Sagari Lodiwa, Nyoman Anjani, Ronald Sukianto, Muhammad Aldi Wicaksono, Budi Khoironi, Dito Fauzi Winanda, Enggar Amretacahya, and Satria Andrianata. All of delegations would like to say thank you for the sponsorship fromChevron, Schlumberger, Hess, Petrochina, BP Migas, and SPE Java Section that we can made it to Johor Bahru and won all of the competitions.

We arrived in Johor Bahru (UTM) on Tuesday, November 6th 2012. The first event of IOGS 2012 was held on Wednesday, November 7th 2012. The programs were:

– Opening ceremony
– Technical talk by Talisman, Haliburton
– Career Talk by Baker Hughes
– Petrobowl Competition
– Oil Rig Competition
– Asia Pacific SPE SC Engagement Session
– Paper presentation competition
– BBQ Intersharing Night

That day, all representatives for Petrobowl Competition could made it to semi-final. Semifinal round will be began in the next day. Technical talk from Talisman was about how to pass recruitment  test in Oil Company. After that we had technical talk from Halliburton, this session was talked about fracturing in Shale Gas Reservoir. Representatives for Paper Competition and 1st team of Oil Rig Competition had finished their presentation this day. The name of the team was Arnawatala Team because they used philosopy of beehive in their design. In the night, we had BBQ Intersharing Night that consist of cultural performance from each SPE SC to entertain the audience and sharing session with each of participants in this event to develop relationship.

On the second day, there were Petrobowl Semifinal & Final Round Competition, Oil Rig Competition part 2, and closing ceremony. Petrobowl semifinal & Final Round was very interesting but unfortunately only 1 team from SPE SC ITB that could be made it through Final. The Finalists for Petrobowl Competition were SPE SC UI, SPE SC UTP, and SPE SC ITB. The final round became more entertaining and the result was SPE SC ITB got 1st winner, 2nd winner was SPE SC UI, and the 3rd winner was SPE SC UTP. In this day, our 2nd team of Oil Rig Competition had presentaion abour their Rig design. The name of this team was Raffles Driller because they used the philosophy of Rafflesia Flower to design their Rig. Next, In Closing Ceremony the committee announced all of the Winner for all of competitions in IOGS 2012. From this event SPE SC ITB became 1st winner for Petrobowl Competition, 1st winner for Paper Presentation, and 1st winner for Oil Rig Competition.

The advantages of the event are we can develop and maintain good relationship with other Asia Pacific Student Chapters and show to them that we can compete with them equally.


Photos of Winners:

First Winner of Petrobowl Smart Competition


First Winner of Paper Presentation Competition


First Winner of Oil Rig Design Competition


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