Jl. Ganeca 10, Bandung, West Java - Indonesia

International Oil & Gas Symponsium 2014

IOGS 2014

Institut Teknologi Bandung are the IOGS 2014 champion after victory against fourteen universities around the world. IOGS is the leading annual event held by Society of Petroleum Engineers Student Chapter Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (SPE SC UTM). IOGS 2014 now belongs to the past after ITB winning four out of five categories competed (Paper Presentation, Poster Presentation, Petrobrain, and Oil Rig Competition).

In paper competition, Ryan Kurniawan Santoso’s paper titled “A Novel Approach to Predict H2S Corrosion Rate in Oil/Gas Production Pipeline” has been critical answers to one of the biggest problem oil and gas industry, crowned as the champion in Paper Presentation category. In the 2nd Runner Up position in Paper Presentation, inspite of technical difficulties in his simulator, Ben Asriparusa developed a very effective method for pollutant distribution pattern assisted by computational fluid dynamics (CFD), judges found this method very interesting due to the nature occurrence of this phenomenon. Wardana Saputra’s poster about bacterial mat amazed judges both by its design and technical content, his innovative idea for optimizing gas hydrate production brought him as the 1st Runner Up in this category.

The most adrenaline-pumping competition, Petrobrain, are over. Our petrobrain team (Rheza Ryan, Mahruri, and Iffan Hannanu) grab his champion title after sealing the deal in the last few seconds in a tough match against the home team (UTM). Despite their sweating hand in the critical seconds, their superior mentality and preparation stomps other team as they answers series of technical and non–technical question associated with the latest development in oil and gas industry.

Oil Rig Design team (Ardinatha Sanjaya, Aqiela Raissa, Yusuf Alfyan, and Ade Kusuma) taking their prize home after secured champion spot as they managed to build an innovative, eco-friendly, light, gigantic oil rig. Their innovative solution of recent industry problem was highly appraised by judges beyond other competitors.

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