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Integrated Petroleum Guest Lecture #1: Production Stimulation

BANDUNG, speitbsc.org – First guest lecture this year organized by IPFEST 2018 was held on Tuesday (16/01/2018) 3-5 PM at Total Handil Room, Petroleum Engineering Building. This lecture was a part of IPFEST 2018 events. The participants were excited and interested to join this lecture. The participant attended this event to get an insight of Indonesian Fracturing and Production Enhancement.

The speaker was Mr. Areiyando Makmun from Schlumberger, one of the biggest service company in oil and gas industry. He is a Petroleum Engineering ITB Alumnus batch 1991 who worked in Middle East & Asia Production Stimulation InTouch. He masters hydraulic fracturing and production and has the experience of being instructor for many production and stimulation courses.

Mr. Areiyando explained about stimulation treatments first. Stimulation is a chemical or mechanical method of increasing flow capacity to a well, consist of wellbore clean up, matrix treatment, and hydraulic fracturing. Furthermore, he talked about fracturing and its history, also fracturing operation which were fracturing tank, sand container, POD blender, etc. Mr. Areiyando explained about fracturing candidate selection criteria and fold of increased which can be calculated using a formula. Last but not least, he explained about data required for fracturing: reservoir data and completion data. Reservoir data consist of Darcy componenets, geology data, open hole log, and sonic scanner. Completion data consist of depth, wellbore diagram, perforation detail, wellhead configuration, and water source. He also explained about what need to be done before start fracturing, which surveying access to location, water test on water survey, checking all connection, pressure test all line, and function test all equipment must be done.

After finishing the lecture, there are question and answer session about 15 minutes long. Before this event closed, Putra Arcana (PE ’15) as Project Manager IPFEST 2018 gave memento to Mr. Areiyando and took a photo together with all participants.

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