AFTER GRADUATION PATH 2.0 : IMPORTANCE OF MASTER DEGREE AND SCHOLARSHIP – BANDUNG, On September 14th, 2018, SPE ITB SC, together with HMTM PATRA ITB and IATMI SM ITB, has conducted After Graduation Path 2.0, a seminar themed around master’s degree and Scholarship as a choice after graduating from college. The seminar was held at Total Handil Room, Petroleum Engineering Building of ITB. This was a part of After Graduation Path, a series of seminar discussing about choices after graduating from college, and was a sequel to After Graduation Path 1.0, regarding oil and gas industry as a path after graduation.

The seminar was attended by lots of students, mostly of Petroleum Engineering, who were very enthusiastic for the event, especially those of batch 2015 as final-year students, who are looking for knowledge regarding master’s degree as a choice after they graduate in the end. The speakers were Alfino Harun Lubis, M.Sc., who have taken master’s degree at Texas A&M University and currently working as Reservoir Engineer at PT PERTAMINA International EP, and Handita Reksi Dwitantra Sutoyo, M.Sc., who have taken master’s degree at French Institute of Petroleum and working as Reservoir Engineer-Heavy Oil at PT. Medco EP Indonesia.

Both speakers explained their experience during their study for master’s degree, how did they able to get there, and what one needs to be able to study there as well. In short, to be able to get master’s degree, not only strong intention, but you also need to be able to sell yourself to higher-ups, good technical capabilities, but also good scholarship to help you pay tuition, especially if you planning to study at America, where tuitions are famous for being very expensive.

The seminar was concluded by a photo session. Thank you for Mr. Alfino Harun Lubis, M.Sc., and Mr. Handita Reksi Dwitantra Sutoyo, M.Sc., for the insights. We’ll see you soon at After Graduation Path 3.0! (NP)

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