speitbsc.org – JAKARTA, On Wednesday, September 12th, 2018, SPE ITB SC conducted a field trip to Eni Indonesia Jakarta Office. Together with SPE Trisakti, this field trip was held to enhance technical knowledge of SPE ITB SC members and to know more about Eni Indonesia and its projects. In addition, Eni also held an interview simulation to share tips and tricks regarding job interview.

After safety introduction, the session was opened with the overview of Eni Indonesia. Tracing back, Eni Indonesia first operated in Indonesia in 1968 for the exploration of the Teluk Berau and the Arafura Sea Blocks. In the 1970’s, the Natuna gas field was discovered. However, after fulfilling all exploration commitments, Eni completed their activities in Indonesia because of high CO2 content holds back the development of Natuna field at that time. In 2009, Eni was finally back operating in Indonesia with the first well discovery, Jangkrik 1. Currently, Eni holds a total of 13 PSC (Production Sharing Contract) spreading from Krueng Mane block on the western part to Arguni block on the eastern part.

The next material was about procurement. Procurement manages all purchase of goods and services and it must be reported to The Special Taskforce for Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities (SKK Migas).
The session proceeded with LNG business process session with Mr. Widianto. The session gave us more insight about what LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) is and the process until it gets to the consumer with the example of Eni Badak LNG Business structure. LNG is six hundred smaller than regular gas so it is easier to be transported. However, Mr. Widianto explained that the reason we still export LNG even though domestic demand is high is that Indonesia still lacks sufficient infrastructure for the regasification unit.

The last session, we got an explanation about reservoir simulation. The reservoir engineers explained how they build the reservoir from the static model to a dynamic model. In the case that was presented, one of Eni project has channeling reservoir, meaning that each reservoir in the field has different properties. Therefore, each reservoir has a distinctive reservoir model that differ from each other. Some assumption were made like vertical upscaling to simplify the model. Because of different characteristics resulting in different reservoir pressure, Valves with a different opening are needed in the completion to avoid backpressure and uneven depletion.

After lunch, we got a chance to learn how to do a proper job interview directly from Human Resource divisions by interview simulations. The HR division also shared about recruitment process, practical work program and internship program in Eni in the photo down below

This field trip ended with a photo session and memento gift from SPE ITB SC and SPE Trisakti SC. Such an inspiring and insightful field trip, thank you Eni Indonesia! (SA)


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