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Energy Symposium

BANDUNG, speitbsc.org – On Friday (19/01/2018), SPE ITB SC conducted a seminar called Energy Symposium. This event took place at Auditorium of Energy Building Bandung Institute of Technology. All students from various major, total 135 participants attended the Energy Symposium. The speakers were Mrs. Evita H. Legowo, Mr. Didik Sasono Setyadi, Mr. Arsegianto, and Mr. Rony Hendrawan.

Mr. Didik Sasono Setyadi talked about states administration aspect and also business from international offshore oil and gas activities aspect. Moreover, he explained about international convention about maritime law and its relation to oil and gas industries. There is policies and SKK Migas because this country owns its oil reserves. A big dilemma exsists, oil and gas industry develop well when oil prices is high and goverment support with subsidy when oil demand is increase. Supervision and control is part of national supervision oil and gas upstream sector mechanism. Fluctuative oil price not just impact micro from industry, but also macro from country’s income. Neverthless, oil and gas industry is still vital and strategic but still has to be efficient. Mr. Rony Hendrawan explained that big country has high gender equality, as well as oil and gas industry. The government need to chase economic multiplier and ready newstream. Even though the oil price was high, but the companies were still in production. Indonesia has one of the biggest geothermal reserves, so we need to learn more about geothermal even the drilling part of geothermal is not easy. Mr. Rony also gave us insights to learn about reservoir characterization, which consist of major field and water managment because it was one of managment data needed.

This event closed by a question and answer session, all participant were interested to join this session. The memento was given to all speakers by Luthfan Desmono, SPE ITB SC President. Lastly, the speakers and all participant took photo together.

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