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Delegates of SPE ITB SC Brought Two Trophies from SPEEDFEST 2017

BANDUNG, speitbsc.org – SPE UPN “VETERAN” Yogyakarta SC has successfully conducted their biggest annual event, SPEEDFEST 2017” under the theme “Create the Innovative Engineers to Face the Oil and Gas Future Industry”. This event held on Saturday until Sunday (30-01/09-10/17) in Yogyakarta, there were three competitions, i.e. Paper Competition, Case Study Competition, and Smart Competition. Therefore, SPE ITB SC sent some delegates to join two competitions and successfully brought first-position trophies from both competitions.

Smart Competition

One of two teams of SPE ITB SC, consisted of Avininda Fitria Ayu Priastuti (PE 2014), Andre Aristyo (PE 2014), and Brian Dwijayanto (PE 2015), has successfully defeated the 17 other teams and got the first-winner trophy. Brian, usually called Jay, shared his experience about joining his very first competition. “For other competitions, you would need fourth-year materials, while I am still in my third year, so it is likely for me to win a competition if I join Smart Competition.”, Brian said. “By joining this competition, I also could study more about materials in the next semesters simultaneously”, Brian continued. When asked about his preparation, Brian said, “My team and I were trained by SPE ITB SC. So it was like a competition simulation. Me and my team were against team who is going to compete in Petrobowl soon. It really challenged me. Besides, I also read a lot of materials from books, questions bank, and Schlumberger glossary”. About the obstacles, Brian said, “It was the matter of time. Because I also needed to study for my high-competition academic in Petroleum Engineering, so that sometimes I hardly found an adequate time to prepare for my competition compared to some months ago because I had prepared during my holiday”. For the future, Brian himself already has his own plans to join competitions. “In fifth and sixth semester, I want to compete in Smart Competition. Later at sixth semester, I want to compete in Oil Rig Design or Study Case Competition. And for seventh and eighth semester, I want to compete in Plan of Development Competition, or Smart Competition in Petrobowl”. In Addition, Brian also will have another Smart Competition in Inception (November 10th – 12th, 2017) which is held by UNDIP in Semarang.

 Case Study Competition

Same as Smart Competition, one of two teams of SPE ITB SC has successfully gone home with first winner trophy. The team consisted of three people, i.e. Willy Dharmawan (PE 2014), Wilson Wiranda (PE 2014), and Willy Kristian (PE 2014). Willy Dharmawan, said “ITB is known for its technology aspects so I find it weird if I never make achievements in my major. So at least before I graduate, I want to compete, at least once, in any oil and gas competition”, Willy Dharmawan said. Talking about preparations, Willy Dharmawan said, “The main preparation was to make essay and case study presentation, including downloading some papers, seeking information about recent energy issues, until reading minister regulation related to economy and energy in Indonesia. From this preparation, I felt so much benefits because it broadened my knowledge further, not only about technical aspects like what I am always taught in the class”. “The main obstacle I found was to manage the time between time for my academic in Petroleum Engineering and time for preparing this competition. Furthermore, three of us had different schedules so it was hard to meet, but luckily we always succeeded and did not let any aspect go down”, Willy Dharmawan said. When asked about his further competitions, Willy Dharmawan stated, “I still have intentions to join other competitions before I graduate next year”.

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