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Curriculum Vitae Training Session by SPE ITB SC and IATMI SM ITB

BANDUNG, speitbsc.org – SPE ITB SC collaborated with IATMI SM ITB on making professional course series 2.0 which was about curriculum vitae training session, on Thursday (09/11/2017) at Total Handil Room (2nd Floor Petroleum Engineering Department building). The Psychologist and Training Specialist of ENI Indonesia, Mr. Paska Praditya presented many ways how to make great CV as the representation document about ourselves for applying many jobs, internships, and etc.

Mr. Paska began the training by telling a shocking fact about CV selection in Eni Indonesia. The recruiters spent only six seconds on reviewing the candidate’s CV, so the first page of the CV is the most important. Make sure that in the first page of the CV include contact information, profile summary, work experience, education, and any relevant skill. Also, do not forget to make the CV had good visual. Although the most important page was the first one, but CV could have three maximal pages. Mr. Paska also gave the ingredients of a good resume. First, we were the main ingredients of our CV. It is not important to have many reference people on our C.V. Second, make the CV looked clear and simple. Remember, they just only need six seconds to scan our CV, so focus on the important thing. Third, it is important to highlight our relevant qualification, and keep it updated. The last ingredients is the honesty. Why? Because the company would do background check to our university to check whether the CV as same as the university’s data. Never tell lie and just be yourself. Additional tips from Mr. Paska are: prepare resume to get our job target, write what we did (not based on our imagination), create resume by ourselves, do not include irrelevant information, do not use unusual font and font size, don’t repeat same information. Hopefully these tips would made our CV awesome and have a good quality.


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