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Congratulations to all the Winners in Inception 2017!

SEMARANG, speitbsc.org – INCEPTION (Integrated Petroleum Competition) 2017 is the first annual event from SPE UNDIP SC in order to give shape to SPE’s vision and considering their first experiences in holding competition event in past 2 years. This event was held from (11/11/2017) until (12/11/2017) at Diponegoro University, Semarang, Central Java. The participants target are from university located in Indonesia and Malaysia.

SPE ITB SC managed to brought victory from every competition. Team ITB A, of which the members are M. Fahmi Gozal H. (PE ’14), Khobita Fara Daniella (PE ’15) and Brian Dwijayanto (PE ’15) took third place in smart competition. This competition consist of four round, preliminary round, quarter-final, semi-final, and final. Romario (PE ’14) and Prakarsa Mulyo (PE ’14) took first place in paper competition. “I participate in this competition as preparation of my final project”, Romario said. The theme of paper competition was “Emerging and Evolving Smart Technology for Unconventional Energy from Discovery until Production”. They struggled to prove some theory with suitable methods and construct robust also strong model. They hope can participate in another competition once or twice again. Team Blackforest, Novrisal Prasetya (PE ’14), Mila Ghani K. (PE ’14) and Aulia Siamanda (PE ’14) took first place in case study. The theme of case study competition was “Collaborating Ideas for the Solution of Achieving Geothermal Development 2025 Target”. This team’s motivation was to improve Bandung Institute of Technology reputation, developing skill, and took chance in the future. They prepared this competition by participating in Petroweek 2017. They also did not forget to pray, read, discuss, and consult. The biggest obstacles for them was procrastination and also full-packed schedule of semester 7. It was a challenge for them to have good time management, dividing their time for academic and competition.

Once again, congratulation for all winners. We hope many people inspired by your achievement.

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