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Competition Workshop

SPE ITB SC has commitment to give knowledge and skill to all of the member. Together with HMTM “PATRA” ITB and IATMI SM ITB, we conducted a Competition Workshop in October 9th 2015 at Total Handil Room, Petroleum Engineering Building, ITB. We held The Competition Workshop for smart competition, paper competition, oil rig design competition, and Plan of Development (POD) competition.

The Competition Workshop was delivered by four speakers which are Joshua Anastasius Nainggolan (Petroleum Engineering 2012), Muhammad Iffan Hannanu (Petroleum Engineering 2012), Ricky Aditiya Fandi (Petroleum Engineering 2012), and Handita Reksi (Petroleum Engineering 2011). All of them are students from ITB and already join and win many competition in their life.

In this competition, those four speakers explained the type of competition, their motivation to join the competition, the preparation, and the tips and tricks at the competition.

Joshua told us about oil rig design competition. He said that join the competition will make you get connection, experience, and glory. Oil rig design is about two things: giving innovation on offshore rig and marketing competition. We can start the innovation with know the problem as challenge, solve the problem with innovation, assessing functionality, and integrate it in our rig. For be a good salesman, we must be interactive, be persuasive, and be convincing. We should tell why the audiences should choose our rig, not only how the rig operates. The oil rig design competition is teamwork competition, so we must find the right person with innovation and teamwork.

For smart competition, Iffan told us that he get experience and motivation to develop. We can prepare to join smart competition with applying to competition, prepare with team, and compete with all of our best. The question in smart competition divided into four parts: technical, trivia, glossary, and advanced (research). Being good mentality in D-day is the most important thing in doing smart competition. Choose our teammate that can cooperate with us and struggle together to get achievements.

Ricky gave explanation about paper competition. The main point is how the paper being presented. Title, abstract, presentation, and the content of the paper is the thing that we should handle to make good achievement in the competition. To be honest, all of paper in paper competition is good already, we should sell our paper more. With pay attention with the presentation, gesture, intonation, we can make our paper become the champion at the competition.

For POD competition, Handita told us that POD competition consisted two parts: comprehensive plan and practices. POD was comprehensive because it only can be done by doing with people from multidiscipline major, such as petroleum engineering, mechanical engineering, environmental engineering, geology, geophysics, and economical. For Indonesian competition, we can refer to standard by SKK Migas start from executive summary, geology study, reservoir model and description, reserves and production prediction, scenario and field development, drilling and completion, surface facility, HSE, abandonment and restoration, project timeline, local content, commerciality, and summary from out plan of development. The POD team consisted of ten people from many majors, so we must become good people with good motivation and teamwork to do the best in the competition. Study well at the class could become first thing to do before join the competition.

At the end of the event, 53 participants showed their enthusiasm in this program by a number of questions given to the speaker.

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