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Competition Workshop Series: Paper Competition

BANDUNG, speitbsc.org – After conducting some previous workshop series, SPE ITB SC conducted paper competition workshop in a collaboration with HMTM “PATRA” ITB and IATMI SM ITB on October 27th, 2017. It was held in Petroleum Engineering Building, ITB, as a mean to explain the details about paper competition.

During the two-hour workshop session from 13.00 – 15.00, Ricky Aditiya Fandi (PE ’12), who is the previous winner of many Paper competitions, explained numerous aspects about Paper competition. He had joined many paper competitions and came out to be the first winner repeatedly by using only two papers, one of them was the first champion paper contest engineering student section IPA Convex 2017 and his paper, “IPA17-347-SE: A Simple-Effective-Efficient Analytical Model for Multi-Well Gas Lift Allocation Optimization”, was eventually published.

Besides tips and tricks to win, he also explained about title selection, types of paper, and presentation tips. “Paper competition is about how we ‘sell’ our paper and exaggerate that our paper is great”, Ricky said. “Choose catching-words and persuade the judges”.

He also simulates how he presented his paper during the 41st IPA Convex 2017. “One of the hardest part is how we trigger ourselves to write a paper. This is a simple thing actually, you all still have many chances”, Ricky said.

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